Classroom learning after focus and attention training.

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Working Memory Training for 3-80

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Working Memory Training, Reading and Math too!

We serve your student in academic sessions Onsite & Online through programs for Working Memory Training, Dyslexia, Reading, Math and all subject areas!  Using cutting edge learning tools and providing personal support and motivation weekly, struggling learners gain in grades and confidence!

Highly Qualified Educators


Our educational services and team of certified educators can give help for your child while working together with their teachers and other professionals, as a team.  Our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring that enthusiasm to share with your child in person & online!

Academic Assessments

academic assessments

Maybe you aren't sure what your child needs...a full Academic Assessment is the place to start. This two hour session helps identify your child's strengths and areas of need in a full report that allows us the ability to customize a training plan for your child's needs and success!  Educational Services are here!

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