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Often parents feel helpless and are not sure how the school might help.  

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Onsite Local Tutors

Our personal Educational Therapist was named on of the Best Tutors in 2018 by and we have Reading, Math, Science and English tutors in Okaloosa and South Walton counties!  Educational therapy differs from tutoring and other remedial interventions in the way that it considers the impact of school, family, and community on the client’s learning. In addition to academic goals, educational therapy attends to psycho-educational and socio-emotional goals as well.

 Educational therapists collaborate with all the significant people concerned with the student’s learning, and they focus not only on remediation but also on building self-awareness and underlying learning skills to help clients become more self-reliant, efficient learners. Referrals for educational therapy are often made by allied professionals such as speech and language pathologists, psychotherapists, and neuropsychologists, among others, who see an educational need that their specific services do not address. 

The Association of Educational Therapists, the national professional organization for educational therapists, has set professional standards and requirements for educational therapists, including academic criteria, standards of ethical practice, and continuing education requirements.

AET benefits the public by verifying the training background of educational therapists and provides an online database of qualified practitioners. Consumers can be confident that these professionals have met rigorous training requirements.



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