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Working Memory Training

Improve attention and focus

 Cogmed is a solution that improves working memory allowing you to focus and resist distractions better. This will help students academically and adults professionally.  Cogmed’s approach is specific and effective and we provide you w/ professional coaching.

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Reading Success K - 5

Reading success for children with Dyslexia or other reading problems

Fast ForWord is a powerful reading solution developed by neuroscientists that does more than improve reading to build happy, confident learners. Often used with Dyslexic students, , this personalized program allows learners to reach their potential,

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Reading Success 6th and up


 Fast ForWord provides all the tools struggling readers and learners in middle school or high school need to make rapid learning gains. The program is so effective with the hardest to reach learners in middle school & high school because it addresses the root causes of reading struggles.

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Phonics & Fun


 Our self-paced and fun online program results in improved reading performance as students complete tasks in the areas of foundational skills, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension,  Kids love it!

Fun Phonics

Math Matters


 Our fun filled math program solution for PreK-8 is driven by a technology that's as unique as the students and who use it!  Age appropriate for 3-13, kids love it and learn, as they use it to go to the next math level!

Help with Math

All Subjects 24/7


 This amazing web-based, learning system uses a quick quiz to determine exactly what a student knows and needs to learn in a subject. Then it instructs the student in the identified gaps and virtually offers help 24/7.

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